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Citric is simplicity defined. With simple forms and honest designs, Citric is both modern and accessible. Citric’s simplicity has been achieved through a complexity of thought and design, made possible by a legacy of over 100 years of innovation and engineering excellence of Honeywell MK. The new range of noise free switches have a soft operating force and modules can be rotated to allow installation of accessories in the plates in any position. It comes with Honeycomb design grid plates for added strength.

key features

  • key features
    Soft Operating Force

    The operation of Citric switches is very soft. It allows the person to use very low force while operating which makes it the Soft switch.

  • key features
    Module Rotation

    Rotation of Module allow to install the accessories into plates, in any position. This is helpful for locations where there is a space constraint and provide flexibility to user and help reduce the stress level on wires.

  • key features
    Front Loading and Removal

    Front loading and removal of accessories makes Installation and maintenance work easy, you don't need to unscrew the grid plate for removal of accessories, just remove accessory carry the work and fix it again into grid plate.

  • key features
    Double Rocker Design

    During normal operation of electric switch, arc is generated at contact. This Arc is usually visible to eyes during low light and can also cause accidental fire. Double Rocker design helps to shield this Arc effectively.

  • key features
    Honeycomb Designed Grid Plates

    Honeycomb design of grid plates makes them sturdy and robust. This ensures that there is no warpage and cracks while installation on metal boxes.

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