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Anti-Bacterial Technology

Anti-Bacterial Technology

Silver ions coating inhibits the growth of broad spectrum bacteria and fungi such as E-coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria and Salmonella.

Bacti-safe is a new generation antibacterial technology with advanced features:

  • 99% reduction in bacteria on the surface
  • Non toxic and safe for humans
  • Permanent coating lasts entire life of the products making it durable and value for money
  • Silver Ion (anti-bac coating) with polycarbonate material makes it aesthetically pleasing and fire retardant

key features

  • key features
    Flat switch

    Switches flush with the front plate in OFF condition, appearing flat.

  • key features
    Dust repellant

    Satin matt finish and single window aperture eliminates dust accumulation.

  • key features
    Safe to Use

    Anti-single pin entry shutters in sockets.

  • key features
    Anti-Bacterial Coating

    Impregnated with silver ions inhibits microbial growth to improve hygiene.

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