Electrical Products

Residual Current Circuit Breaker


    • Automatically disconnects the circuit when earth leakage current occurs and exceeds the rated sensitivity
    • Independent of line voltage and voltage fluctuation
    • Push to Test button
    • High short-circuit current withstand capacity
    • Positive contact position indicates the real contact position with Red and Green indication
    • Terminal height fully aligned with MCB terminal
    • Label holder to place circuit identification tag
    • 30 mA-provides protection against electric shock due to direct contact to the line parts
    • 100 mA-provides protection against electric shock due to indirect contact and ground current leakage
    • 300 mA-provides protection against insulation faults/leakage in building, which may lead to fire
    • Pole No.: 2, 4
    • Rated current (A): 25, 40, 63
  • Sentry - RCCB
  • Sentry - RCCB