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key features

  • key features
    Ease of installation

    The safety shutter covers the gap behind the box to eliminate chances of wrong entry of wire.

  • key features
    Ease of maintenance

    The unique mounting assembly ensures single MCB can be easily removed from shorting busbar. This helps to maintain supply in healthy circuits and saves time.

  • key features
    Faster fault diagnosis

    In case of fault, MCB trips & knob takes Mid position. Its easy to identify the faulty circuit.

  • key features
    Easy circuit identification

    Integrated label holder is provided with a hinged transparent cover.

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  • 1. Why is circuit protection necessary for a modern home?

    Modern homes are equipped with smart appliances, computer equipment and other valuable electronics. Installing electronic stabilizers for every one of these products might not be possible or financially effective. Circuit protection provides a safety cover for the entire home, ensuring that none of your expensive electronic products get damaged in case of a power surge.

  • 2. What are the benefits of a Circuit breaker vs. a Fuse?

    Both circuit breakers and fuses protect an overloaded circuit by disrupting the flow of power. In a fuse, the power disruption is caused by the melting of the overheated metal wire acting as bridge for the current flow. In circuit breakers, the disruption occurs through a switching mechanism that activates upon detecting unsafe volume of current. The benefit of a circuit breaker is that it can be reset and reused multiple times, whereas a generic fuse requires wire replacement after every breakdown.

  • 3. How to enable seamless power backup for home and office?

    For uninterrupted power supply Honeywell MK now offers Automatic Source Change Over with Current Limiter (ACCL). This fully automatic EB-DG changeover switches the load to Generator supply during the failure of Electricity Board supply. It also automatically switches back to Electricity Board supply from Generator supply on resumption of power.

  • 4. What are the benefits of modular MCB mounting assemblies?

    Generally, dismantling of the entire shorting busbar is required for replacing a single faulty MCB, which also means disconnecting all circuits. It is a time consuming and cumbersome process. With Sentry modular MCB mounting assemblies offered by Honeywell MK, it is now possible to remove and replace a single MCB easily from a shorting busbar.

  • 5. How to detect a faulty MCB unit?

    When Multiple MCBs are installed in a Distribution Board, it is difficult for the electrician to know which one is actually off and which one has tripped due to the fault. It is common to accidentally switch on the wrong/faulty circuit, and cause unwarranted damage to home electricals and equipment. Sentry MCBs allow you to easily detect the faulty MCB unit with the knob taking the mid position when the circuit break happens due to a fault. Thus, providing fast and safe diagnosis.

  • 6. How to reduce electrical maintenance costs?

    Reduce electrical maintenance costs with Honeywell MK modular switches, sockets, MCBs, ACCLs, RCCBs and distribution boards. These modular electrical products allow safe installation, robust circuit protection and are easy to repair and replace. Built from high-quality plastics and metals, the Honeywell MK electrical products are durable and offer consistent performance over and over again.