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Cable management system – Floor Based Application

Ease of installation, customization, flexibility, efficiency and safety are fundamental to the distribution of power, data and telecom cables. A Cable Management System addresses these needs effectively and provides comprehensive solutions for floor based applications. Such a system provides ideal solutions for the distribution of cables and access to power, data and communication services under the floor.

Cable Management Systems for floor based application

Honeywell MK Underfloor Cable Management Systems comprises four basic groups of equipment which can be used together to provide the desired under
floor configuration: Underfloor Access Outlets, Underfloor M-Traks, Underfloor Cross Overs and Underfloor Vertical Access Units.

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  • 1. What are the advantages of floor-based cable management systems?

    Floor based cable management systems allow you to extend the flexibility, efficiency and safety of your commercial operations. They help in reducing tripping hazards and also reduce the hassle involved in routine maintenance of network equipment. Lastly, by laying out power and network cables in a neatly organised system, you can also avoid cable damage that occurs to chords lying on the floor or hanging slack behind systems ??thus saving more on office spending.

  • 2. Where can I buy high load bearing Electrical Access Outlet Box/Crossover Box?

    Honeywell MK?? High Recessed Access Outlet Box and Crossover Box can accommodate hard flooring like marble, granite and stone. These floor boxes come with a recess of 20mm in the cover, allowing you to directly fit a stone slab in them. The high load bearing Electrical Access Outlet Box/Crossover Box can bear up to 2.5 tons of load on the trap lid. So, the product can safely withstand heavy objects like cabinets, trolley, and even automobiles in a showroom.