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Smart Wiring Devices


Smart Wiring Devices

Open up to a world of possibilities by managing your home with just a touch. Introducing Nucleus, Smart wiring devices from Honeywell.

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It is not just a switch, it is an extension of your personality brought alive by how well they gel with a commercial or residential space.
Honeywell brings to you a wide variety to suit different needs.

  • Citric


    Citric is simplicity defined. With simple forms and honest designs, Citric is both modern and accessible. Citric's simplicity has been achieved through a complexity of thought and design, made possible by a legacy of over 100 years of innovation and engineering excellence of Honeywell MK.

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  • Blenze Plus

    Blenze Plus

    Blenze plus introduces a range of flat modular switches with silky satin matte finish, along with added protection against microbial contamination, using antibacterial technology.

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  • Elements


    Turn on your imagination.

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Have old electrical fixtures in your home/office that keep malfunctioning? We can revamp your electrical fixtures using
Honeywell MK range of switches, sockets and accessories for you.

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circuit protection


The All In One Sentry - Most power packed circuit protection devices in the market

Top Features -

  • Mid Trip position of knob
  • Label Holder
  • True Contact Indication Flag
  • Two position din clip
  • Bi-Connect upper and lower terminals
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Cable Management System

Cable Management System ensures ease of installation, customisation, flexibility, efficiency and safety; all, fundamental to the
distribution of power, data and telecom cables. It addresses these needs effectively and provides comprehensive solutions for both wall and
floor based applications.

  • Wall Application

    Wall Application

    Allowing easy access of electrical components spread over a wall, these cable management systems help in spreading work stations over the floor.

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  • Floor Based Application

    Floor Based Application

    Honeywell MK Underfloor Cable Management Systems comprises four basic groups of equipment which can be used together to provide the desired under floor configuration: Underfloor Access Outlets, Underfloor M-Traks, Underfloor Cross Overs and Underfloor Vertical Access Units.

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Advantages of Honeywell Electrical Products

  • 100 years of legacy

    100 years of legacy

    Honeywell is a Fortune 100 diversified technology and manufacturing leader. MK is a 100 year old brand in wiring devices with a pioneering legacy that helps offer products with unmatched quality and experience.

  • Modern Design

    Modern Design

    Honeywell products are designed to look and feel contemporary. The products are easy to install and maintain.

  • Smart Protection

    Smart Protection

    Honeywell circuit protection devices are the most power packed ones available in the category. With features like mid trip knob position, line load reversibility, in-built label holder and flat locking shutter, there is nothing better than you can get.

  • Wide Range

    Wide Range

    Honeywell MK offers a wide range of electrical devices to suit your requirements, be it at home or office. It includes 'Elements' that lets you choose multiple finishes and material options, 'Citric' range of noise free switches, 'Blenze Plus' range of flat modular switches with anti-bacterial coating and many more.

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  • 1. Why is there a rush for buying premium electrical products these days?

    Premium electrical products allow homeowners to customise their homes in a way that is simply not possible with regular ??witch on a board??solutions. Also, the cost of upgrading from a regular switches and sockets to modular switches and sockets is negligible which has prompted people to invest in the better design and quality of premium home electrical solutions.

  • 2. How home electrical products like MCBs offer better short circuit protection?

    Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) are much more reliable and durable than fuse boxes. MCBs offer instant disconnection of electric current in case of power fluctuations where the disintegration of fuse wires is often delayed and may result in damage to precious electrical equipment.