There are some things which wireless technologies cannot connect, such as your electricals, high-speed internet and LAN. Commercial complexes require cables to keep workstations connected and working efficiently. But a ton of cables hanging from wall sockets and running between one workstation to another can make your office look messy and unorganized. A proper cable management system solves that quite easily, tidying up the cables out of sight and ensuring that your workplace looks as clean and efficient as it actually is.

Cable management systems are designed for enclosing power, telephone and ancillary system service cables, facilitating service distribution in commercial and other similar establishments.

There are floor-based cable management systems and wall mounted cable management systems, both solutions serve a different purpose and you should select one based on your individual needs.

Wall Application Cable Management System

This type of cable management system is usually suited for office spaces with open layouts, where the workstations and other equipment is placed near the walls or partitioning panels. The system can be seamlessly installed along the base with switches, sockets and connectors at varying heights. The modular nature of wall application cable management systems allows installation of switches, sockets and connectors in any position, hence reducing the stress on your equipment cables and ensuring proper flow of power and other currents.

Modern wall application cable management systems from Honeywell MK also come with anti-bacterial materials to ensure long term performance by eliminating the damage caused by bacterial, fungal and viral microbes. They also help in preventing such contaminations from spreading through human contact – thus ensuring employee health and well-being.

Floor-based Cable Management System

Such systems provide ideal solutions for the distribution of cables and access to power, data and communication services from under the floor. The systems are generally used for power in offices with individual cubicle setups and conference and meeting rooms. Underfloor cable management systems have four basic groups of equipment which can be used for systems configuration. These are, underfloor access outlets, underfloor M-Traks, underfloor cross overs and underfloor vertical access units.

The underfloor cable management systems are made from sturdy metals and have load bearing designs to ensure safe operation. These systems can be easily placed under the tiling or carpeting and are able to bear heavy load which can be into metric tons – as in case of automobile showrooms where a vehicle might be parked on top of a junction box.

Which one is the right choice for your office?

Depending on your office floor plan and layout you can choose either one of these cable management systems or even opt for a mix and match of both types to ensure ideal connectivity. Generally, using electrical products from the same brand gives you maximum compatibility. For example, Honeywell MK offers both types of cable management systems with total compatibility, ensuring seamless flow of power and data in your establishment.