Miniature circuit breakers are automatically operated electrical switches, designed specially for protecting humans and electrical products from shocks and electrical faults. Normally, the amount of current flowing through your home’s electrical network is as per the rated capacity for your country or region. However, when a fault occurs in the system, the rate of current flow may increase or decrease. It is in the case of a significant increase that you and your electrical appliances are in danger. An MCB detects the excess flow of current and instantly breaks the circuit hence stopping the electric current.

If you live in an older home then you may not have seen an MCB installation in your apartment or house. That’s because, previously, fuses were used instead of MCBs. Fuses use a thin wire which snaps when the flow of current exceeds the normal rate, thus performing a similar function to an MCB. But MCBs have several advantages over a fuse.

Advantages of MCBs over A Fuse:

More sensitive to current flow fluctuations:

Where the fuse wire may or may not break when detecting high current flow, an MCB is much more effective as it automatically detects changes in current and shuts down the circuit.

Easier to identify the fault zone with an MCB:

When using a fuse based electrical network, a fault has to be identified by manually checking every fuse box for a short circuit. Whereas, with MCBs, one can easily identify the tripped switch from the panel and restart electrical current to the affected zone.

MCBs have the better interface and hence safer:

With an MCB one only needs to flip the switch back to ‘on’ to restart current flow. On the other hand, fuses need to be pulled out from their sockets when the current is very much flowing in the socket. This difference makes MCBs not only easier to operate but also safer for novice handling.

MCBs are reusable:

In terms of lifetime maintenance and cost, MCBs are financially more viable due to their reusability and lower fault rates. Fuses, on the other hand, have to be replaced upon developing a fault.

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