A home is a very personal investment that we make for creating a safe abode for our loved ones and ourselves. Every homeowner wants to ensure complete safety of his/her home – whether it be physical security or maintenance of services and utilities. Electrical products cover both these categories in a way. They can ensure physical safety by reducing the risk of electrical and fire hazards, and they are also elemental in ensuring uninterrupted delivery of power to your home. That’s why it is important to invest in a safe and high-quality circuit protection system for your home.

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Honeywell MK is a global leader in electrical switches, sockets and circuit protection devices for homes and offices. The company is known for;

Its highly effective and innovative circuit protection devices such as circuit breakers, isolators, distribution boards, and other.

Honeywell Sentry MCB:

A Miniature Circuit Breaker is a modern circuit protection device, which as the name implies, is used for stopping the flow of electric current in case of a surge or fault. MCBs are used as a replacement for Fuses, offering safer operation and reusability. Instead of simple on and off positions, Sentry MCBs have an extra mid-position that indicates circuit fault and allows you or the electrician to take appropriate action – reducing the risk to your life, property and home equipment.

Honeywell Sentry Isolator:

An isolator is used for making or breaking a circuit, providing complete isolation from resistive or lightly inductive load downstream. Where an MCB is an ‘on load’ device, the isolator is operated when the load is cut off. It effectively cuts off or isolates a part of the circuit from being energized. The Sentry Isolators can be effectively used for home installations and are made of self-extinguishing thermoplastic materials. The high endurance of these devices protects your home from high short-circuits.

Honeywell Sentry ACCL:

Automatic Changeover Current Limiters are used for a seamless transition between electrical board supply and backup generators. The ACCL not only offers the convenience of uninterrupted power to your home but also ensures that sudden power outages do not cause damage to your home appliances, electrical devices and digital data. Honeywell Sentry ACCL units come with electronic and mechanical interlock for safe and effective changeover of electrical current during power outages and mainline supply resumption.

Honeywell Sentry RCCB:

Residual Current Circuit Breakers protect you from accidental electrical shocks, electrocution and fires caused by faulty wiring or earth faults. If a circuit is protected with RCCB, and a person comes in contact with an open live wire on the circuit, the RCCB will trip the circuit immediately. RCCBs works on a fundamental principle that the current flowing through a live wire should be the same as returning current from neutral. In case of an earth fault the returning current from neutral is reduced. This difference in current is called residual current. A Honeywell RCCB monitors and compares the current values between live and neutral wires and trips the circuit on the shortest notice of a change in the current value.

Honeywell Sentry Distribution Boards:

Honeywell MK offers a range of distribution boards for safe and easily accessible installation of MCBs, RCCBs and other electrical devices for your home. Available in single door, double door, and multi-door configurations, the Honeywell Distribution Boards are made from highly durable, fire-resistant materials and have a safe IO for wiring. These top-quality distribution boards ensure personnel safety and make electrical maintenance tasks easier.

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So, if you are looking for the best circuit protection devices for your home, Honeywell Sentry has you covered for every fault and short-circuit. Ask your electrical supplier for authentic Honeywell circuit protection devices today for a safer home.