Today, we have a plethora of electronic products in our homes. These devices include smart home products like air purifiers, water purifiers, refrigerators, smart televisions, smartphones, NAS drives etc. The list can go on and on. These devices are vulnerable to spike in voltage and power fluctuations that occur periodically in Indian power grids. The electrical anomalies can damage or deteriorate your precious smart home products.

Earlier, people used to have stabilisers for their prized home products like refrigerators and television. However, with an increase in number of electrical products, it is not possible to get a power stabiliser for every product you own. Fortunately, specialised devices have become available to address the problems caused by power surges.

Surge Protectors

These devices protect electronic components from indirect lightning strikes and utility company surges and spikes. They are also an effective buffer for voltage surges caused by appliance failures. High-quality surge protectors can reset themselves once the voltage anomaly has passed which makes them effective and convenient for a smart home owner.

Line Conditioners

Electrical equipment is known to produce ‘noise’. A very common example is the use of a vacuum cleaner near a television or music system which results in visual or audio static. Line conditioners can limit the electrical noise produced by such devices and help in protecting your electrical devices from performance loss and damage.

Backup Power

Most residential and commercial complexes have provisions for backup power nowadays. It helps in reducing data loss in case of power loss and limiting the damage to electronic products due to sudden power failures. Automatic Source Change Over with Current Limiter (ACCL) devices allow automatic switching of load to generator supply during power outages and restarts.

Getting high-quality circuit protection devices in India

You can easily buy high-quality circuit protection in India with brands like Honeywell. The brand offers international quality MCBs, isolators, residual current circuit breakers and distribution boards in India. These devices are compatible with Indian electrical standards and public electricity distribution systems and offer maximum protection for your smart home from power spikes.

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