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Pollutants Inside Your Car

  • VOCs

    They are hazardous gases that contain airborne organic chemical compounds from cleaning agents, disinfectants, paints, coating, adhesives and chemical materials used in indoor furnishings such as carpets, seats & mattresses. They can cause adverse long-term health effects.

  • Toxic Gases

    Gases such as Carbon Monoxide(CO) enter inside the car when you roll down the windows.

  • PM2.5

    PM stands for Particulate Matter while 2.5 refers to the size of the particles (2.5 microns or lesser) - 30 times smaller than the width of a human hair. It's tiny size makes it even harder to prevent PM2.5 from getting into the body, making it extremely deadly. It worsens asthma & heart conditions while causing runny nose, sneezing and coughing.

  • PM10

    PM stands for Particulate Matter while 10 refers to the size of the particles (10 microns or lesser) - much less than the width of a single human hair. It can cause serious health problems by getting into the lungs.

  • Odour

    It is primarily caused due to body odour, seat fabric, emissions from plastic at high temperature, leftover food and pets, resulting in allergic reactions, headaches and discomfort.

  • Tobacco smoke

    The effect of smoking inside the car is retained for a much longer period as it latches on to car interiors causing allergic reactions and discomfort.

  • Other Airborne Allergens

    Some of the common examples of airborne allergens are pollen, bacteria, flu virus and mold which can cause allergic reactions.

Benefits of Car Air Purifiers

A car's cabin is an indoor environment. Even if you don't see any pollutants inside your car, there are ways to tell that the air in the cabin is infected. At times, you may have smelled a foul odour inside your car which could be a result of tobacco smoke, spilled or rotten food or even from plastic varnishing. These pollutants are generally in form of dust, PM 10, PM 2.5, cigarette smoke and volatile organic compounds. A car air purifier can remove all these pollutants from your vehicle and make it safer to travel in the city.
Honeywell Move Pure is a car air purifier that comes with a HEPA filter and a dual layer activated carbon filter. The HEPA filter removes particulate matter, dust, and pet hair from your car and the activated carbon filter gets rid of any VOCs and foul odors. Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier is a portable product and can be placed either on the dashboard, under the seats or on the rear parcel tray. It uses passive air filtration for an Ozone free operation.

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